Mouse Guard

The Vernal Star Fair

Elmoss welcomes the Guards

In our first session Bernard, Arthur, and Raffi were given their first spring mission as a patrol. Gwendolyn required the mice’ aid in a resettlement program that would see mice from Elmoss to Sprucetuck. While in Sprucetuck they would discover the whereabouts of a Mouse Guard, Gregor who had failed to report in after his most recent mission. The Guards’ arrival in Elmoss coincided with a celebration of the Vernal Star. All three mice took part in several festive competitions, at which Raffi won his fair share of prizes. The following day the Guards met the mice they would be escorting to Sprucetuck: one family and a young mouse seeking a fresh start. In order to reach Sprucetuck the caravan needed to ford the Battlebrook(?). Upon reaching it the Guard chose to spend the night on the near side and attempt the crossing the following morning. That night an owl ambushed the caravan. The Guard’s quick action prevented the owl from taking any lives and they were able to chase it off.



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