The gruff, but well meaning senior member of the patrol.


Age: 44
Rank: Patrol leader
Will: 5
Health: 4
Nature: 4
Skills: Fighter 5, Weather Watcher 3, Instructor 2, Survivalist 2, Persuader 2, Orator 1
Traits: Stubborn 2, Hard worker 1, Scarred 1
Speciality: Fighter
Wises: Mouse-guard wise 3, War-wise 2, Crab-wise 1
Resources: 5
Circles: 4


Brought up in the relative quiet safety of Ivydale, Bernard grew up imagining that one day he would be a famous guardmouse like the legendary Black Axe. At 17 Bernard became a full-fledged guard mouse under his mentor Glenn. The two survived many hardships and trials together until Bernard was again promoted and Glenn retired. Bernard has given the majority of his life to the guard and still feels like he has much to offer. Bernard spends his free time training tenderpaws to fight, and reminding them that ability is nothing without experience.


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